The Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy is proudly one of the largest Korean dance studios in Southern California. While the instruction of dance is our primary goal, we also hope to develop a sense of the Korean Culture within our students. We participate in various events in the neighboring communities of our schools.  We actively participate in community events and functions.  With this participation, we hope to share with the public more about Korean culture and the art of dancing.  The Korean Dance Academy provides an opportunity for students to not only learn dance, but also to learn more about Korean heritage.

The Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy first started with only 1 student in 1994, and today the number of students has grown to over 200.  Our students are as young as 4 years of age, and as old as 70.  We offer classes not only in traditional Korean dance, but also in etiquette, drum, hip hop, ballet, and jazz. The Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy is well known in the performing arts industry, as one of the leading Academy¡¯s for Korean traditional dance.  We work closely with the movie industry, as well as local and abroad communities.  Many of our students go on to become active members in their local Korean communities. 

Over 5 major newspapers have noted the Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy.  Our director has appeared in various radio, and television programs.  We are the first to begin networking with other Korean dance academies in the United States and Canada.  We host an annual workshop for instructors across the nation; who wish to come share, and learn new techniques and theory.

The Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy aims to improve the Korean community, and provide awareness to non-Koreans.  We hope to teach second generation Koreans living in the United States about their true roots.  We strive to instill a sense of pride in Koreans that have lost, or are unsure of their Korean Heritage.

1010 S. Fedora St. #203
Los Angeles CA 90006