Congratulations to everyone who participated in the CBS production of "Without a Trace". 
Congratulations for the great review in the LA Times for the Korean Dance Festival
Jung Im Lee Dance Academy was recently chosen as the Korean Culture Ambassador in Southern California 
Click Here for our Director Jung Im Lee with the Mayor of Los Angeles

Whats new... Additional Classes at K.D.A.

Events In 2006

January - KSCI Lunar New Year Parade (Old Town Pasadena)
February - Christian Dance Festival (Pasadena)
February - City of Glendale - 100 Year Anniversary
March - Universal Studio Korean Culture Festival
March - Korean Central Bank 25 Year Anniversary
April - Whittier College Asian Festival

April - Mexico City Dance Festival
May - Rose Bowl Jazz Festival

May - Korean Garden Center

June - Cerritos Performance Center

July - Lotus Festival City of Los Angeles

August - Korean Dance Festival in Korea

September - Ford Ampetheather Los Angeles

Additional Preformances Not Listed.
Call for more information.

Just Hip Hop Class for children now held on Saturdays at 3:30pm
Just Jazz is now held Mon. and Wed. at 7:30pm.
Coming soon, Salsa and Jitter Bug Classes!
Sweat-Shirt Sales
Cost is $25 per T-shirt, supplies are limited, get yous ASAP.
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Please visit our Korean Gifts Web Site.
Here are a few short videos from practice: Sample1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4, Sample 5

Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy

1010 S. Fedora St. #203-204

Los Angeles, CA 90006